You got to love Indian Judiciary

In our country we try to be very generous to people in need especially when someone else is paying. The fact that ultimately the taxpayers will have to bear the burden escapes attention. The Supreme Court has ruled that insurance companies cannot deny coverage for preexisting conditions. You cannot help but admire ! The audacity!! […]

Separating Conjoined twins

A 2 year old girl with eight limbs undergoes surgery in Bangalore. Read the news from bbc Lakshmi was born two years ago on Diwali in Araria village in Bihar. Although the people of the village treated her as a re-incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, for doctors she was an ischiopagus conjoined twin. Update: The operation […]

In case you were unaware!

If romantic fiction is any guide, any doctor looking for love would be advised to be an emergency room surgeon or deliver babies rather than practise colon resection or remove in-grown toenails. So says Irish Psychiatrist Brendan Kelly, who has probed at length into the burgeoning literary field of medical romance. In an offbeat letter […]

In queue

In a very busy emergency we were attending to a RTA (road traffic accident) victim having serious head injuries and other multiple injuries in terminal condition; totally ignoring a drunk having minor injuries who was waiting for his turn for a while. After hanging around observing his comment was- ” If he had been wearing […]

Attending a summon

This week I attended a court for summon as a witness. I had treated a person who was assaulted by his neighbour for some petty reason about 4 years back. No great damage – a few laceration and abrasions which I had stitched and dressed and subsequently discharging him the same day. Armed with the […]

Radiohead : music for ears

There i was minding my own business- lurking through this blog when i came across this post regarding Radiohead experiment in music retail. It is a great experiment and i hope it works out well for them. They leave the price to be paid totally upto you. I checked it out for myself- didn’t buy […]

The 2007 Ig Nobel Prize winners

In case you weren’t already aware. The Ig Nobel prize for the year 2007 have been duly handed over in a ceremony on the October 4th. The Medicine Ig Nobel was awarded to Dan Meyer and Brian Witcombe for investigating the side-effects of swallowing swords. For the complete list Improbable or check them out in […]

New CPR technique

This months issue of American Journal of Emergency Medicine describes a new method of resuscitation by abdominal compressions only. As is quite well known CPR by itself is not very effective: succeeding in only a percentage of patients when instituted. The purpose of study was to determine the amount of coronary perfusion obtainable with OAC-CPR […]

Making a diagnosis

Automated programmes capable of diagnosis and suggesting further investigations or workup is just waiting in the wings. I suppose this is one of the initial events in that direction. You want machines second-guessing you? by ZDNet‘s Dana Blankenhorn — But what if insurers start trusting the software over the physician, using it to question a […]