Dhoni and team win Twenty20 World Cup

The enthusiasm and expectation for the today’s final was palpable. The streets were uncharacteristically empty and by the time the finals started in Johanessburg in the evening traffic became very smooth. ( I know because i was on road while everyone else was glued to their television. I did catch the end though 😉 ). […]

New CPR technique

This months issue of American Journal of Emergency Medicine describes a new method of resuscitation by abdominal compressions only. As is quite well known CPR by itself is not very effective: succeeding in only a percentage of patients when instituted. The purpose of study was to determine the amount of coronary perfusion obtainable with OAC-CPR […]

Making a diagnosis

Automated programmes capable of diagnosis and suggesting further investigations or workup is just waiting in the wings. I suppose this is one of the initial events in that direction. You want machines second-guessing you? by ZDNet‘s Dana Blankenhorn — But what if insurers start trusting the software over the physician, using it to question a […]