Doctors influenced by Rest and Fluids Industry

This physician enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip to Aspen, just for telling his patients to “relax.” I have noticed that medical satire from is awfully good. Hats off to the writers(?writer). In keeping with the current flaying of pharma-physican backslapping ties; The Onion investigates and finds ulterior motive in prescription of just fluids and rest […]

Rectal artemisin derivative for initial control of malaria

There is this interesting article in todays BMC Infectious disease which had my attention. the featured article says Rectal artemisinins rapidly reduce malaria viral loadBMC Infectious Diseases 2008, 8:39 Artemisinins administered as rectal suppositories, particularly artesunate as a single high dose, reduce malaria parasite load within 24 hours without serious adverse effects, offering an alternative […]

Chief O Complaint

Actual conversation (translated from Hindi) with a patient having Gastritis. Me: So what brings you here. He: I came by bus. Me: No, No. Whats your complaint? He: My wife; she sent me. Now the situation was begging for a leading question so- Me: You are having abdominal pain? He: Oooh yes. and then the […]