Dr Punching Bags

Doctor and Patient relations may be what it is but the relation between the  doctor and the patient’s attendants is getting more and more acrimonious. Speaking from my personal experience; for every 3-4 emergency shifts that I do at least one is bound to be horrible -not in patient load terms or how critical they […]

Doctor’s Factory ?

It is a fact that a large number of Indian medical graduates leave India for abroad. US is the prefered destination followed by UK and Australia. Do you think that they should be barred from going out? The present Health Minister does think so. After the recent fracas and then strike by residents in AIIMS […]

Follow up to previous post

In case you were wondering what happened to this boy who performed caesarean section read the followup in Hindustan Times- The Tamil Nadu government has ordered an inquiry into the alleged incident of a 15-year-old boy performing a caesarean section surgery, an official said on Thursday. In April, Dileepan Raj, a Class X student, performed […]

Back to pavilion

UK was a favourite destination for a large number of medical graduates from our country. With changes in the political and economic environment in the UK and with the increase in number of graduates within the UK their ‘services’ are no longer required. And they are being ‘relieved of their burden’. After investing a large […]