Me no Doctor!

This here is a very interesting question from a pre-med who is sure he isn’t made out to be a doctor- I don’t want to be a doctor!- This has been further picked up and taken apart word by word and then some at the Sepia. I think everyone goes through these phase of life […]

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Doctor left a towel inside me, says 65-year-old. and from msn Leaving behind instruments and gauze pieces after operation is certainly not a healthy practice. Besides being an extra burden for the patient; the doctrine of Res Ipsa loquitor applies with regard to negligence by the medical practitioner. Ordinarily acts of omission and comission need […]

President retires.

President A P J Abdul Kalam is remitting office today. I really admire his enthusiasm for work and the fact that he made himself so approachable. He brought grace and respect for a position which is largely ceremonial in Indian Republic. Hear what Rajdeep Sardesai has to say about him. He may be belittled by […]

Absent Testes

Saw a fifteen year old boy brought by parents because he had developed ‘hernia’. On history and examination what was found was that he had absent testes on both sides, with a largish lump in the right groin and a smaller swelling present in left superficial inguinal ring area. What he was suffering from was […]

Follow up to previous post

In case you were wondering what happened to this boy who performed caesarean section read the followup in Hindustan Times- The Tamil Nadu government has ordered an inquiry into the alleged incident of a 15-year-old boy performing a caesarean section surgery, an official said on Thursday. In April, Dileepan Raj, a Class X student, performed […]

Epidemic just round the corner

Kerala is in the throes of Chikungunya fever outbreak with the state government enlisting the help of Army and Navy not just for the management of affected patients but also in municipal areas. Further information regarding the disease itself can be found here while more information regarding the continued spread can be read here. To […]

Back to pavilion

UK was a favourite destination for a large number of medical graduates from our country. With changes in the political and economic environment in the UK and with the increase in number of graduates within the UK their ‘services’ are no longer required. And they are being ‘relieved of their burden’. After investing a large […]