Dr Punching Bags

Doctor and Patient relations may be what it is but the relation between the  doctor and the patient’s attendants is getting more and more acrimonious. Speaking from my personal experience; for every 3-4 emergency shifts that I do at least one is bound to be horrible -not in patient load terms or how critical they are-but the unpleasant interaction with the relatives or patient’s attendants. I find harassing doctors and staff on duty has become a fashion trend; like an index to show how good your  ‘connections’ are or demonstrate your political might. Incidents like these are not new or isolated from BHU doctors on strike.

Varanasi, November 30 An indefinite strike called by resident doctors at the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) from today paralysed operations at the varsity. The doctors were protesting against yesterday evening’s attack on two junior doctors by the sons of a high-profile patient.

This was news about 7 days back. Subsequently the residents had went back to work expecting the hospital and university authorities to pursue the matter further with Police and administration.And what happened ? Nothing! as usual. The matter is now taking the form of circus with all and sundry reminding the doctors of their duty and Hippocratic oath( Damned if you work and double damned if you do not). This is what I read in the news today-

Posted at Friday, 07 December 2007 10:12 IST

Varanasi, Dec 7: The resident doctors of Banaras Hindu University are on an indefinite strike to protest against the assault of junior doctor and two of his associates in the hospital.

The doctors are demanding action against the culprits who had manhandled the medicos.

The Resident Doctors Association (RDA) had alleged that the district administration was trying to save the influential people who were involved in the assault.

They also alleged that no action has been taken against the accused even after 72 hours from the time when the doctors had suspended their strike to given an opportunity to the university.

This is not a single (the hyderabad hospital)or an isolated incident. Numerous such incident must go unreported occurring daily all over the country. I wonder if this malaise is peculiar to our country or happens elsewhere as well. It is not always that the death is totally unexpected or the prognosis or gravity of situation is not known to the people involved. Only one thing is sure-  the culprit will be let off and doctors will continue to be punching bags.

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