Rectal artemisin derivative for initial control of malaria

There is this interesting article in todays BMC Infectious disease which had my attention. the featured article says

Rectal artemisinins rapidly reduce malaria viral load
BMC Infectious Diseases 2008, 8:39

Artemisinins administered as rectal suppositories, particularly artesunate as a single high dose, reduce malaria parasite load within 24 hours without serious adverse effects, offering an alternative to intravenous quinine therapy in remote areas where trained personnel are scarce.

Don’t laugh- but my first thoughts was HOW did they manage it technically!? on reading the whole article I realized they meant malarial parasite load in people not umm… mosquitoes.
you can read the full article here (open access abstract).

From my earlier days i remember there was increasing resistance to artemisin derivatives and I suppose combination therapy is advised to reduce those chances.I wonder how this will have impact on drug resistance in future.

Note: It is not viral.

&ps- i will try to post regularly.

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