Flash in the pan

After winning the first test match against the proteas, the men in blue were back to their dismal self losing the next two matches without much fight. They started the third test quite well but the urge of shooting themselves in foot was too much to resist; losing the match by five wickets! And to add insult to the injury apparently they are being billed for the revelry after their first win. Guru Chappel is rightly miffed with all his plans for the forth coming world cup collapsing in front of him. He was heard darkly muttering these words “Looking at the tour as a whole, there are more questions than answers. Over the next week or so, when we get back to India and have a chance to digest what’s happened and discuss and debrief, we’re going to have to make some decisions on which direction we go. There will be a few guys under a bit of pressure, there’s no doubt.” full story here
In deep water