Good news for me

Now this is a welcome news for me. Published in this months Hepatology

In an meta-analysis of 10 studies reviewed by Dr. Francesca Bravi from Milan’s Istituto di Ricerche Farmacologiche “Mario Negri” and colleagues included 2,260 cases of HCC. Collectively, the results showed a 41 percent reduction in the risk of liver cancer (or hepatocellular carcinoma, HCC) among coffee drinkers compared to those who never drank coffee.

Low to moderate coffee drinkers — defined in some studies as those who drank less than 3 cups per day and in others as less than 1 cup per day — had a 30 percent lower risk of HCC compared to coffee abstainers. High coffee consumption — defined in some studies as 3 cups or more each day and in others as 1 cup or more per day – had a 55 percent lower risk of HCC.

Earlier i had been wringing my heart while enjoying my cup. I will wait for the next news over my cuppa.