Painkiller is number one drug in India

According to the latest ORG survey Diclofenac painkiller brand Voveran is the most used drug in India displacing cough medications which till now were the topmost brand. This has already been the trend in other markets. One not so surprising drug in the topmost brand is Liv 52 an ayurvedic preparation from Himalaya. As reported in the Times of India.

Last year, cough syrup Phensydyl marketed by Nicholas Piramal, was the top brand, followed by another cough syrup Corex. The second largest brand for the January-July period is Corex (Pfizer), followed by ayurvedic liver tonic Liv-52 (Himalaya), anti-diabetic Human Mixtard (Abbott) and lastly, Phensydyl.

Industry experts attribute the spurt in sales of Voveran due to rise in viral fever this year. Doctors often prescribe pain medications to address bodyache, a common phenomenon of viral infections.

Last year, growth in therapeutic segments such as anti-infectives was robust on the backdrop of episodes like chikungunya, scares of bird flu and dengue, while this year cases of viral infections have been more rampant.

I think this trend will continue. As for the use of ayurvedic preparations like candy by allopathic practitioners the less said the better..

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