Separating Conjoined twins

A 2 year old girl with eight limbs undergoes surgery in Bangalore. Read the news from bbc

Lakshmi was born two years ago on Diwali in Araria village in Bihar. Although the people of the village treated her as a re-incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi, for doctors she was an ischiopagus conjoined twin.

Update: The operation was successfully completed in 27 hours. Read the rest of the story with photos here

reupdated: Lakshmi is doing fine following surgery further news

Lakshmi is deemed fit enough to go home following surgery. She may require further surgery later to enable her to walk properly.

“Lakshmi has recovered adequately with no significant problem during her process of recovery. Her parents are keen to take her home and medically she can do so,” Dr Sharan Patil, who headed the team that performed the rare surgery on Lakshmi on November 6, announced at a news conference.

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