I was reading

I just finished Grisham’s latest novel The Appeal. His latest book is much better than his last few offerings which I found a bit dull. The story reolves around desperate measures to influence the legal procedure, tort reforms and a mega corp willing to bend any rule for profit.

Set in the state of Mississippi,U.S. having a supposedly tort friendly judiciary a mega corp is accused and convicted of dumping carcinogenic waste into the environment. In order to overturn the verdict and avoid paying the huge compensation awarded the billionaire owner plots to influence the appeal process and the judges involved (I wont go into the details of the plot as you may want to read the book). The novel has interesting side forays into difficulties of being trial lawyers, false & misleading advertising campaigns, medical malpractice and injuries from aluminium baseball bats. Do we have cricket bats made of aluminium or are they banned by ICC?
Just as I finished reading this book I came across this piece of news

The family of a boy who suffered brain damage after he was struck by a line drive off an aluminum baseball bat sued the bat’s maker and others on Monday, saying they should have known it was dangerous.

coincidence or author’s inspiration?

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