Attending a summon

This week I attended a court for summon as a witness. I had treated a person who was assaulted by his neighbour for some petty reason about 4 years back. No great damage – a few laceration and abrasions which I had stitched and dressed and subsequently discharging him the same day. Armed with the copy of summon I presented myself to the court clerk. The case came up just after the lunch recess and I didn’t have to wait much.The hearing was all very pleasant and expeditious. I had previously given an opinion regarding the injuries sustained in writing, which was already submitted. I confirmed it to be my opinion under oath. Minimal amount of cross questions by either lawyer and I was on my way back in less than an hour.

On an average in a week I have to deal with 22 to 25 such cases; and it has been so since last so many years. I have already attended a few of these summons previously but the frequency has increased recently. Besides these cases there are about 7-8 cases in a week of stab injuries, hemothorax / pneumothorax following assault or firearm injuries which are ‘Serious’; I wonder where all these will lead to? Will I be spending a major portion of time in Court houses; I wonder.