Reversible Vasectomy

At present Vasectomy is the only reliable method of male contraception. While it is relatively simple procedure and quite cheap besides the fact that the government pays you to get it done, yet it is not that popular. 

The reasons for that is the irreversibility of the procedure and the perception of loss of ‘manhood’. Male desiring further children have to undergo recanalization which are not always successful and is expensive ( vas may block again, antibodies to sperm may develop etc.). So any reliable alternat e  method  is bound to be popular and in the  news. from

Once upon a time, a scientist, rather an engineer-cum-doctor, toyed with an idea — what if there were a male contraceptive? What if a simple injection to a male prevented unwanted pregnancy?

His ever-active brain started thinking and years of research followed. And after 30 long years, RISUG (Reversible Inhibition of Sperm under Guidance) was born.

The credit goes to Indian biomedical engineer Dr Sujoy K Guha and his group at the Indian Institute of Technology-Kharagpur,

In this situation a method of reversible blockage or sperm inhibition would be a wonderful thing; increasing the usefulness and acceptance of male contraception. This is where the method of RISUG comes in. Though still in advanced trial stages it is quite promising. It consists of partial blockage of the vas deferens lumen(the conduit passing sperm from the testes to the ejaculate) using polyelectrolytic compound and can be effective upto 8-9 years. The block can be reversed when desired by flushing using solvent or local stimulation.

The method is pioneered by Dr. Guha at IIT Kgp. In case you need to know more you can visit the Risug site or

Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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