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Kaziranga National Park – Tiger Attack – Complete Video.

This video clip was being shown with embellishments today on IBN 7 network hawked as something fresh. Turns out that the said incident is almost 4 years old. Interesting though.

The forest department was combing the area with five elephants to locate a large female tiger which had killed two cows near their village. The team cautiously moved almost 20 feet where she was growling away. They took a shot at it with a dart gun and missed. This enraged the tiger so much that she charged and took a “flying” leap 12 feet above the ground on to the elephant’s head. What’s even more amazing is what happened next.

The full story and the relationship between mahout and his elephant can be read here http://www.wildlifetrustofindia.org/html/news/2004/040609_joymala.htm Technorati Tags: ,