I knew it ! Money makes Man stronger

Having money in hand not only gives confidence and makes you feel stronger but also attenuates physical pain. These are the conclusion from studies publised in Nature Handling or even contemplating money can relieve both physical painand the distress of social rejection, according to a study by Chineseand American psychologists. But remembering cash one has […]

Armchair Apocalypse

The influenza pandemic designated Influenza A (H1N1) has spread to 29 countries with more than 3440 affected individuals. The spread and mortality has not been as devastating as was feared when the outbreak spread in Mexico. How it evolves in future remains to be seen. But without doubt ‘swine flu’ has been used as fuel […]

Heart Diseases and Genetics.

As advances in genetics are made the influence of genes on individual’s health is all the more apparent. It is quite well known that people of South Asian origin are inordinately susceptible to heart diseases besides diabetes and associated metabolic syndromes. Today’s Genetics Nature carries a paper delineating the high incidence of genetic mutation among […]

Spot the helmet

In news from Nigeria is something quite familiar to Indians. People are refusing to wear helmets while riding two wheelers which was made compulsory from the first of January this year. Police in Nigeria have arrested scores of motorcycle taxi riders with dried fruit shells, paint pots or pieces of rubber tire tied to their […]

I was reading

I just finished Grisham’s latest novel The Appeal. His latest book is much better than his last few offerings which I found a bit dull. The story reolves around desperate measures to influence the legal procedure, tort reforms and a mega corp willing to bend any rule for profit. Set in the state of Mississippi,U.S. […]

Burnout in Medical Students

As every whining medical student knows- life as a medico is tough and trying. This was well documented and analysed in an article in Annals of Internal Medicine(abstract). The article has been reviewed by Sydney Spiesel at Slate.com The study included more than 2,000 students at seven medical schools and looked for evidence of burnout […]

Internet Companies sued for Sex Selection Ads

Given the fact that male to female ratio in India is grossly skewed having reported a child sex ratio of 927 girls to 1000 boys in the2001 census, against a world average of 1045 women to 1000 men. In someStates this is even worse including in Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Delhi,some districts of Tamil […]

cholecystectomy as day-case.

With the advancement in laparoscopic techniques,increasing proficiency of Surgeons in their use and economic pressures there is an increasing trend of cholecystectomy (removal of gall bladder) being done in clinic procedures with the patients being discharged the same day. There is an interesting article in the recent British Journal of Surgery concluding day-case (i.e. no […]

Wild East

Kaziranga National Park – Tiger Attack – Complete Video. This video clip was being shown with embellishments today on IBN 7 network hawked as something fresh. Turns out that the said incident is almost 4 years old. Interesting though. The forest department was combing the area with five elephants to locate a large female tiger […]