cholecystectomy as day-case.

With the advancement in laparoscopic techniques,increasing proficiency of Surgeons in their use and economic pressures there is an increasing trend of cholecystectomy (removal of gall bladder) being done in clinic procedures with the patients being discharged the same day. There is an interesting article in the recent British Journal of Surgery concluding day-case (i.e. no […]

WHO issues a surgical checklist.

A lot has been written about surgical errors during operation including incidents of left behind surgical instruments, wrong site surgery, operating on wrong patients and so on. The WHO has issued a checklist which it hopes will go a long way in reducing such errors by enforcing a ‘time out’ when all personnel participating in […]

Second opinion at a distance

There is an interesting piece of new in todays USA today about taking second opinion for health conditions online from experts. You send your medical records with or without your primary doctor’s help via internet to Experts( places providing paid service) and get their opinion after a week or so. Online second-opinion services offer patients […]

Wild East

Kaziranga National Park – Tiger Attack – Complete Video. This video clip was being shown with embellishments today on IBN 7 network hawked as something fresh. Turns out that the said incident is almost 4 years old. Interesting though. The forest department was combing the area with five elephants to locate a large female tiger […]

Reversible Vasectomy

At present Vasectomy is the only reliable method of male contraception. While it is relatively simple procedure and quite cheap besides the fact that the government pays you to get it done, yet it is not that popular.  The reasons for that is the irreversibility of the procedure and the perception of loss of ‘manhood’. […]