Doctors influenced by Rest and Fluids Industry

This physician enjoyed an all-expenses-paid trip to Aspen, just for telling his patients to “relax.” I have noticed that medical satire from is awfully good. Hats off to the writers(?writer). In keeping with the current flaying of pharma-physican backslapping ties; The Onion investigates and finds ulterior motive in prescription of just fluids and rest […]

On Generics and Drug affordibility in India.

I had previously written about compulsory licensing of expensive anti cancer drugs in India and the expected benefits to the patients. Just after this news came out, there was reaction from the Govt. sources  stating that no they had no plans for such measures as cancer was not an “epidemic or national emergency”. There is an […]

Educating doctors?

Recently there were two pieces of news regarding the relationship between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry. In one the convener of RANZ college of  Psychiatrists(RANZCP)  decided to resign when his attempts to end drug company sponsorship of CME and Conferences was vehemently opposed by fellow members. Psychiatrists back sponsorship deals | The Australian A SENIOR […]