Health ministry mulls approving foreign degrees.

AT the present moment medical degrees earned in foreign countries are not valid in India and vice versa. Doctors  holding such degrees are not recognized as specialist here and as such cannot practice here. The government is considering a proposal to recognize specialist degrees earned abroad (‘developed countries’) for pracitsing in India in order to […]

Dr Punching Bags

Doctor and Patient relations may be what it is but the relation between the  doctor and the patient’s attendants is getting more and more acrimonious. Speaking from my personal experience; for every 3-4 emergency shifts that I do at least one is bound to be horrible -not in patient load terms or how critical they […]

Barenaked medicos.

Image from The proposal for compulsory rural service by graduating medicos has long been in the pipeline. It is already being implemented by some states with variety of carrots and sticks attached. In a move by the parliament all newly minted doctors will be required to spend one year in rural areas in compulsory […]

Home remedy for breast lump

Sometime back a patient presented in emergency with complaint of bleeding from an ulcer in breast and severe backache. As is typical she was referred from community health center in nearby town coming to us at 2:00 A.M. She appeared not to be worried about the lump in her breast or the multiple swellings in […]